Our Mission

Transforming Payments

Xago believes that harnessing the power of mobile, retail networks and blockchain technology will play a crucial role in transforming the payment industry, particularly in Africa where we have an opportunity to reimagine the way money flows, what it costs and how long it takes to reach a destination. In bypassing traditional payment rails we are reducing both friction and transaction costs

making a compelling case for efficient, low-cost payments across industries and across borders.

Our mobile number based identity system is built to connect mobile devices and the retailer using blockchain technology in one seamless experience, which we believe will enable new and innovative products to be introduced, ultimately benefiting the end consumer.

Executive Team

Xago’s executive team consists of serial entrepreneurs and technologists who all have extensive experience in disruptive technologies, particularly in the payments space. Our experience has now translated into a product which we believe will fundamentally change the financial services industry.

Mark Chirnside

Chairman and Co-Founder

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Jurgen Kuhnel

CEO and Co-Founder

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Sonya Kuhnel

COO and Co-Founder

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Grant Pidwell


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