Bringing certainty in uncertain times

by | Sep 29, 2021 | News

In these times of unprecedented and permanent change, the new normal is uncertainty. True leadership, credibility and empathy will see us navigate successfully. Industry leaders and companies have a responsibility to show the character that creates a level of certainty at a time when pilfering and fraud is too commonplace.

But, as the axiom reads in Japan, this always presents the greatest opportunities. For a leader, for a company, for a country … for the global community.

Yes, the bigger existential questions always force us to re-think, as did the case for technology and social media in recent times. Just this time with the pandemic, our real existence came into question. What is the new normal we want to create? What are our responsibilities as leaders?

Since its inception, Xago has subscribed to, and enforced, strict Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing protocols, as well as championing fair regulation of the crypto industry.  Jurgen Kuhnel, CCO and Mark Chirnside, CEO and both Co-Founders of Xago, have been working closely with the relevant stakeholders within the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG) over the last year to do just that.

Chirnside confirms their views on being supportive of regulation, “Xago has been amongst the first to stand in line to work with the IFWG regulators to bring the regulatory treatment of crypto assets under observation and we are proud and honoured to participate as it bears testimony to the respect for and the credibility of our company in the domestic and global fintech space.”

Xago understands that the cryptocurrency market is heading for dramatic and lasting change. Once the black sheep of the financial world, crypto can now step into the mainstream with credibility.  Xago was established in 2016 and works with strategic partners and investors such as Imvelo Ventures, founded by Capitec Bank and Empowerment Capital Investment Partners. So how do people re-emerge into a world of disconnection and isolation? Research says we are now much more in tune with technology and humanity than ever before. The Xago solution to a global problem at this time is literally changing the finance world.  Cost effective, highly-secure, fast money transfers through Xago’s crypto rails certainly levels the playing field.

Change is a visible and tangible force for good. And levelling the world’s financial imbalances is the greatest act of service, especially in Africa.  What does this mean for you and your organisation?  It means that Xago is a well-known, established, trusted, credible crypto fintech with experienced leaders that understand their responsibilities to you and your clients.

Bringing you CERTAINTY.