Products For Business

Xago’s Fiat Xramps for ZAR/XRP

Xago’s bespoke digital/crypto ZAR fiat on- and off-ramps are activated via a trust line to crypto exchanges to enable their customers to trade with ZAR. Xago manages all KYC, and AML requirements to ensure all information is compliant.

Xago’s Xchange

Xago’s exclusive Xchange enables your business to buy, trade, send and receive ZAR/XRP cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger within an average of 3.8 seconds, minimising currency exchange fluctuations. Our unique Pegged Trading System, offers efficient arbitraging opportunities between exchanges.

Xago’s Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway provides an entry point to Ripple’s XRP Ledger, enabling you to transfer funds, either fiat or crypto assets from one point to another utilising the efficiency, speed and security of the XRPL.

Xago’s Retail Platform

We’ve built a bespoke transformational platform which connects consumer wallets that store crypto assets, fiat currency or rewards with the retailers. This process bypasses traditional payment rails and enables consumers to use this value to make payments, deposits and withdrawals at the point of sale, efficiently and cost effectively.