Download Xago’s App to trade ZAR/XRP and transfer money with CERTAINTY.

Experience seamless trading functionality in the latest release of our mobile app enabling you to trade ZAR/XRP and transfer money, quickly, highly securely, at low cost, at anytime and with CERTAINTY.


A world-first. 

Our revolutionary mobile app uses advanced (future generation) neuromorphic computing technologies to simulate human cognition – how the brain naturally and instinctively recognises people. The result is a far more secure and a far more convenient experience when registering and logging in to transact on Xago’s platform, a world-first.

Developed by research scientists, not only does the app’s authentication outperform conventional biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition, voice recognition), but it also does what no on-device biometric is able to do – certify the identity of a person by referencing identity data held by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), in real time.

Xago takes security, client verification and authentication very seriously and the mobile app has now made conventional login names and passwords completely outdated.

The mobile app’s Three Factor Authentication (3FA) has all of the following categories: knowledge (e.g. user credentials), possession (e.g. mobile device) and inherence/biological feature (e.g. thumbprint or, in this case, neuromorphic biometric facial recognition). Clients can simply look at their phone without having to type, touch, swipe, scroll, press or enter any information, knowing that they cannot be replaced by a fraudulent person.

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