Xago’s Personal Trading Services

Xago’s Trade Xchange

Xago’s Trade Xchange enables you to buy, trade, send and receive ZAR/XRP cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger within an average of 3.8 seconds, minimising your risk with currency exchange fluctuations.

Xago’s Automated Trading Bots

We have recently developed specialised Automated Trading Bots to personalise your trade requirements while you continue to enjoy life.

The Momentum Bot:

Automatically makes trades based on RSI (Relative Strength Index) with your custom parameters. The Momentum Bot is designed to indicate whether a security is overbought or oversold in relation to recent price levels.

The Arbitrager Bot:

Trades between South African Crypto Exchanges and an overseas Crypto Exchange by taking advantage of the difference in crypto premiums. The Arbitrager buys where the premium is low and sells where it is high.