Xago has launched a number of new features on our bespoke Xchange platform to enhance our clients’ trading opportunities.  These include:

  • A new design and user experience to enable clients to interact dynamically with the market as it moves.
  • A personalised Portfolio Balance Calculation. This calculation on the top left of a client’s wallet screen takes their current XagoZAR/XZR balance and your current XRP balance and calculates the ZAR value of your total portfolio held with Xago. This calculation updates every 8 seconds.
  • The Transactions section now calculates a client’s running balance.
  • The Completed Order section is now separate from the Open Order section.
  • Convenient Buy and Sell pop-up options directly on the XRP wallet.
  • Mercantile Bank is now an option to fund your trading account in addition to Bidvest Bank.  Clients can transfer funds from their preferred bank directly into Xago’s Mercantile Bank acccount.

And the most exciting feature is that clients can receive XagoZAR/XZR instructions directly into their XZR wallet from other Exchanges around the world as we go live.

Xago will continue to release more dynamic features, products and services as we expand across the globe.

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