Trusted innovative money movement at a fraction of the cost, with SPEED and CERTAINTY.

Change is a visible and tangible force for good. And levelling the world’s financial imbalances is the greatest act of service, especially in Africa.  What does this mean for you and your organisation?  Xago is an established, trusted, credible fintech offering money transfer and payment solutions powered by crypto with experienced leaders that understand their responsibilities to you and your clients.

Partner with CERTAINTY.

Xago offers money transfer and payment solutions to suit business needs, at a fraction of the speed and cost of current providers. Plus the security and compliance required in a world of fast change and even faster money. Champions of fair crypto asset regulation, our partnerships include financial institutions, mobile operators, retailers, commodity companies, family offices and payment solution services.

Xago’s unique platform and various business solutions are built utilising Ripple’s XRP Ledger.

Pathways designed and developed by Xago, orchestrate the transfer of value to trusted destinations where they can be converted into the required currency (FIAT) and withdrawn or sent to a crypto address.

All with absolute finality of delivery, within hours if not minutes, at a fraction of the cost of current providers, and all with CERTAINTY.

Powered by innovative technology.

Xago’s mission is to enable an all-inclusive approach to moving money, especially in Africa.

Founded in 2016, Xago’s innovative money movement platform changes the way money flows, what it costs and how long it takes to reach a destination by bypassing traditional payment rails and delays. All while providing secure, compliant, traceable and effective solutions to all elements of the financial ecosystem.

Xago’s stable coins are 100% backed by fiat.

The Xago platform currently accepts USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR and converts the currencies to the relevant stable coin XUS, XGB, XEU, XZR, of which all are 100% backed by FIAT held at reputable banks.

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Personal Money Transfer and Trading Solutions

Xago’s platform enables you to send, receive and trade ZAR, USD, USDC, GBP, Euros and Ripple’s XRP, with more currencies launching shortly. Our Personalised Automated Trading Bot offers a variety of tried and tested strategies, including arbitraging.


Partner with Xago.
Partner with CERTAINTY.

At a time when increasing revenue streams and decreasing expenditure is more challenging than ever before, now is the time to offer your clients fast, compliant, low-cost, reliable money movement solutions.