Xago and the future of money

by | Oct 22, 2021 | News

Xago is changing the world of money transfer for Africans and, by default, signalling the future of money.

The world is already well into the advance of digital currency and banks are realising that cryptocurrencies will have a fundamental effect on the way money is traded and transferred around the globe now, and even more so, in the future.

As 5G is changing the world by bridging the digital divide for users, so crypto is changing the world of money. The modern economy has empowered customers, evolving customer demands, values customer data and has a desire for personal service.

We see clear trends in the evolution of industry worldwide – Uber has evolved its sector, Netflix is redefining its sector, with Air/BnB seeing the merging of sectors. We can send messages and videos, host online events and meetings, share experiences via social networks with people around the globe, all for free.

Blockchain and crypto assets are fundamental pillars advancing us into the new economy that is the 4th Industrial Revolution. In a world where customers hold the upper hand somewhat, digital trade and transactions have to be cost effective, efficient, highly secure and super-fast.  Banks, money transfer companies and global payment processors have real time proof of concepts utilising cryptocurrencies in live testing.  Central Banks are experimenting with issuing currencies on the blockchain.  But we still cannot pay anyone, anywhere cost-effectively, instantly.

This is the competitive edge that has driven Xago to develop a transactional gateway to move money, to anyone, across borders at a fraction of the cost of existing providers.  In Africa, this has caused a significant change in the way money is transferred around the continent and across the world.

Now money moves from Cape Town to Lagos in less that 4 seconds, at a fraction of the cost that traditional entities have been charging its customers. Of course, banks have taken note, and immediately started investing in this technology that is changing the world of money, literally.

And this is only the beginning of the future of money.

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