Xago Gateway

The Xago Gateway provides an entry point into the Ripple Network. We enable customers to transfer assets, both fiat and digital, locally and internationally, using the Ripple Network. XRP is the native digital asset of the XRP ledger and can be freely sent and exchanged among XRP addresses. This makes XRP a convenient bridge currency. Xago uses the XRP Ledger as an distributed exchange, where users can exchange XRP for ZAR.

Market Makers:

At Xago one of our key priorities is liquidity and we understand the important role that Market Makers have to play in facilitating this.  As such we take a tailor made approach to fee structures as they relate to Market Makers.  Should you wish to know more please contact us here.


The Xago gateway is built for business. If you are an existing business providing wallet services, either crypto or fiat, or remittance services, please inquire here so that we can discuss your specific business case and payment flows.