Xago in Genfinity LightHouse Research Report - July 2022 - Xago Technologies

Xago in Genfinity LightHouse Research Report – July 2022

by | Jul 7, 2022 | News

“The LightHouse report takes a deep dive behind the digital curtain to showcase monthly insights within key segments influencing digital assets and Web3 technology. It explores research presented objectively by community contributors with the goal of empowering our audience to visualize a build mentality irrespective of market conditions.”


Executive Suite by Crypto Eri

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An Equitable Solution for the People of Africa and Beyond – Written by Crypto Eri

Africa is moving ahead with a new U.S. dollar backed stablecoin. Behind this move is the innovative South African technology company Xago. By leading the charge, a massive improvement is coming to the African payments space. Xago has years of experience trading digital assets on their exchange, coupled with a strong payments focus that solves real world high cost remittances. The introduction of their new stablecoin XUS, puts Xago well on its way to be a force of change, bringing more equitable solutions to the people of Africa. XUS is fully compliant, fully audited and backed 1:1 with the U.S. dollar. It was issued on the open source decentralized XRPL, a distributed ledger technology that provides secure blazing fast payment rails that cost only fractions of a penny to transact. The Ledger, which is secured by its native token XRP, can move any value, anytime, anywhere. (1) In the case of international cross-border transfers in regulated regions, XRP will be used as a bridge currency to function as the Xago FX solution.


About Xago Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Banks, eCommerce platforms, retailers, mobile operators, crypto exchanges, commodity companies and international business owners partner with Xago to transfer money into and out of Africa rapidly, securely, compliantly, cost-effectively and with CERTAINTY. Our executive team works with the South African Financial Regulators (the IFWG) and has always championed fair regulation of the crypto industry.  Xago harnesses the power of mobile, retail networks and blockchain technology in playing a crucial role to transform the payment industry by bypassing traditional payment costs and delays, with a focus on empowering people in Africa. www.xago.io

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