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Xago offers rapid money transfer and payment solutions to suit business needs, at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment options. Plus the security and compliance required in a world of fast change and even faster money, especially in Africa.

Our clients include Banks, Crypto Exchanges, Mobile Operators, Retailers, Wholesalers, Payment Solution Services, Commodity companies and international business owners.

Since inception, Xago has championed fair regulation of the crypto industry and works with the official financial regulators in South Africa (IFWG).  Xago is first to implement the management of crypto allowances to what we believe will protect our Clients and yours when regulation takes place. We take Client Verification and Authentication (KYC) and (FICA) very seriously and adhere to strict Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing policies.


Xago’s unique Payment Platform is built utilising Ripple’s XRP Ledger

Our platform accepts USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR, USDC, Ripple’s XRP (with more currencies to follow) converts the currencies to the relevant stable coin (XUS, XGB, XEU, XZR) of which all are 100% backed by FIAT (cash).

These PATHWAYS, designed and developed by Xago, orchestrate the transfer of value to trusted destinations where they can be converted into the required currency (FIAT) and withdrawn.

All with absolute finality of delivery, within hours if not minutes, at a fraction of the cost of current providers, and all with CERTAINTY.


Our business solutions include:



Move funds internationally to and from Bank Accounts, Crypto Addresses, Mobile Money, and Retail. White-label IMF solution available, especially for Banks and Retailers. Balance of Payments Reports can be included for South African Banks.  API suite is available upon request.  Find out more.


Xpand enables fast money aggregation of Payment Collections or Distributions through crypto rails. Executed through linking to Sub-Accounts to a Master Client Account to create payment instructions.


White-label solution offering Arbitrage Trading with Personalised Automated Bot (including a variety of trading strategies) for clients of Banks, and FSPs.

Xchange for Business Owners

Exchange, trade, make payments, receive payments with ZAR, XRP, USD, USDC, GBP and EUR through an API or the user interface.




Xago offers FIAT (cash) on- and off-ramps to global Crypto Exchanges to enable their clients to trade ZAR, USD, USDC, GBP, EUR and XRP. Xago’s stable coins are backed 100% with Fiat and our unique Xramps are activated instantly via efficient, highly secure trust lines.



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