Xago Platform

Beyond Traditional Payment Rails

The Xago platform is an open loop settlement platform which enables organisations to transact in the blockchain economy using their existing hardware and software infrastructure. Our innovative platform provides consumers with a low-cost, fast, efficient and secure payment method, whether that be paying for items at the till, buying airtime, sending money locally or internationally or transacting with cryptocurrencies, all of which can be done using their mobile phone (feature or smart).

Retailers & Merchants

By connecting to the Xago platform Retailers & Merchants can bypass traditional rails reducing friction and enabling consumers to pay for goods and services with, fiat, crypto or reward points as tender using their mobile.

Wallet Service Providers

Xago’s payment platform enables wallet service providers, including mobile wallets and crypto wallets, to provide their consumers with new and innovative products at the point of sale, adding value and utility to their offerings.

*Platform launching end of 2019