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White-label International Money Transfer Solution

Xpedite, Xago’s white-label international money transfer solution moves funds internationally to Bank Accounts, Crypto addresses, Mobile Money and Retail with SPEED and CERTAINTY.

The transfer of funds happens in minutes (or hours for USD), not days, finality of the transaction is confirmed, it is highly secure, fully compliant with the strictest KYC, KYB, AML and ATF policies and procedures in place.

Xago’s solutions utilise Ripple’s XRP Ledger, are scalable, fast, support multi-currencies, and are cost effective.

The following currencies are supported with Xago stable coins, 100% backed with FIAT, with more rolling out, including African currencies:



Xpedite is fully developed and ready including API driven functionality and is a highly suitable white-label solution for financial institutions and retailers.

Xago champions fair regulation of crypto assets and works closely with South Africa’s Official Crypto Regulators (IFWG). In other jurisdictions, Xago, in partnership with our Clients, ensure compliance and is aware the exact implementation may vary from one country to another.

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